TextilWirtschaft, German magazine of reference in textile sector for its rigor and to offer world-wide quality information, grants TEJIDOS ROYO, the Denim Fabrics 2017 Certificate

29 Marzo, 2017

TextilWirtschaft grants TEJIDOS ROYO, Certificate Denim Fabrics 2017, Winner in the performance categories: FLEXIBILITY, RAPIDITY & SERVICE

At TEJIDOS ROYO we are a team of 350 professionals with vast experience in the textile industry. That passion we put into everything we do is the engine that allows us to continue growing in search of textile solutions for our customers.

Because our main priority is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, our products reflect the concern to meet their expectations and needs. Strict quality systems, along with pre¬-sales and post-sales assessment services, represent TEJIDOS ROYO’s commitment to excellence in quality and service.

This certificate belongs to every single person being part of the TEJIDOS ROYO team.

Thank you for making it possible