We optimize our Responsible Production and Management System, reaching the maximum level of recognition.

13 Febrero, 2018

Tejidos Royo manages to improve its results in the different areas included in the STEP (Sustainability Textile Production) Certificate  by OEKO-TEX®.


"We have reached "LEVEL  3", recognized as the maximum excellence in the Textile Sector. Our evolution motivates us to continue working to be unique in the market "


We control our production to be respectful with the environment and also to achieving optimal working conditions, both in the field of health, as well as safety and the Human rights. 

We bet on continuous improvement of our recognition in environmental protection and social responsibility as well as our performance and efficiency, in addition to strengthen our competitive position in the market.

Through an exhaustive analysis, a general overview of the company's activity is obtained in order to evaluate each of the following aspects:


  • Chemicals  Management, Monitoring the use of chemicals - Introduction of a suitable harmful substances management  - Compliance with the guidelines of a restricted substances list (RSL & MRSL)
  • Quality Management, Guaranteed traceability, responsibility and appropriate documentation regarding the flow of goods and manufactured products
  • Environmental Performance. Responsible handling of waste, waste water, emissions etc. -  Optimization of production processes  -  Use of best available production technologies (BATs)
  • Social Responsibility. Ensuring socially acceptable working conditions in the sense of the UN and ILO conventions -  Execution of performance appraisals for employees
  • Environmental Management System (EMS). Proof of a suitable environmental management system for targeted coordination and systematic implementation of all environmental protection measures
  • Health & Safety. Guaranteed safety of buildings and production plants  -  Implementation of existing safety standards


% Improvement in the areas evaluated by STEP by OEKO-TEX®

From Tejidos Royo we communicate, in a transparent way, our progress and evolution to strengthen our commitment within the certification.

We have two STeP licenses to group our entire production process: Upgraded Certificates at LEVEL 3:


- Weaving and Finishing Production Plant:


- Spinning and Dyed Yarn Production Plant: