Queen Letizia of Spain honours TEJIDOS ROYO with the Premio Nacional a la Industria Textil de Cabecera (National Textile Award), praising the power of the Spanish Fashion industry as a benchmark for innovation and internationalisation.

21 Julio, 2016

TEJIDOS ROYO was awarded in the third edition of the National Fashion Awards. These awards are granted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and convened with the aim to recognise merit and endorse the Spanish Fashion Industry’s prestige, while contributing to support the State policy “Marca España” (Brand Spain).

This year, Queen Letizia has been chosen to present the Fashion Awards to those companies that have made a significant effort in the industry’s excellence.

Her Majesty awards TEJIDOS ROYO the National Textile Industry, tanning and other raw materials and components for the Fashion Industry Sector Award.

This award acknowledges the importance of the manufacturing industry of yarns, fabrics, dyes, tanning, shoe components and other raw materials and components as the starting point in the production transformation process for sector companies.  It also recognizes its role in value chains, in the diversification of supplies, the strengthening of productivity, performance improvement and its importance as suppliers of the fashion industry.


After awarding these distinctions, Queen Letizia has highlighted the power behind Spain’s fashion industry because, despite the difficulties, “it has always maintained a level of high quality and a continuous search for improvement along with the desire to grow, and to promote our diverse manner and rich insight on life, to be fashion, to be Spanish fashion.”

The jury has valued the winners’ professional career, capacity to adapt to national and international markets and the commitment to innovation, as well as their contribution to the development of Spain’s fashion industry, qualifying them as a benchmark in the different subsectors of this industry.