Denim is undoubtedly the most universal fabric on Earth.  It is a "must have" in closets all over the world, and is worn by people of all sexes and ages. Despite all this, Fashion Designer Faustine Steinmetz still continues to explore the infinite possibilities of Denim. 

09 Marzo, 2017

Parisine by birth, Faustine Steinmetz is one of the brightest stars of London fashion. Since the creation of her brand in early 2013 after acquiring its first hand loom, Faustine has won the support of the world-renowned NEWGEN initiative and in 2015 was a finalist in the LVMH Prize, highly recognized awards in the world of fashion.

All of her pieces are made according to her belief "Crafts about fashion".

Faustine Steinmetz, dedicated to researching and experimenting with manual labor and loom, through cotton threads and denim pieces, she has counted, for this collection, with denim fabric recycled by TEJIDOS ROYO to give life to this project. FALL 2017 READY TO WEAR