Tejidos Royo collaborate with the José & Ana Foundation that contributes to a greater development of social projects, economic development and the improvement of the quality life for its employees.

12 Abril, 2017

Since 1998, TEJIDOS ROYO and the José & Ana Royo Foundation acquire a commitment with society. The company has collaborated in projects that provide economic development and better quality of life for their employees and their families as well as their suppliers, clients and the society in general.


Royo takes care of their employees and their families

  • Social aid
  • Research, science and culture in areas such as health, technology and humanities
  • Business training and developmen
  • Recognition of the efforts of employees with children
  • Recognition of the efforts and loyalty of the company's personnel
  • Scholarships for young university students


Royo cares about society

We collaborate with:
  • Caritas Internationalis in Valencia
  • the Association against Cancer in Valencia
  • Asindown (Down Syndrome Association) in Valencia
  • Projects promoted by Catholic churches in Valencia
  • The Franciscan mission in Mazamari, Peru. The foundation financed the construction of a school, a dining room and other projects