TEJIDOS ROYO promotes the professional development of young Denim fashion promises through its Innovation & Training scholarship Programme by ROYO, for students of Jean School (Amsterdam)-the first independent denim school in the world-.

25 Nov, 2016

The need to know about denim is increasingly growing. That is why the House of Denim, located in Amsterdam, inaugurated the first independent denim school in the world- Jean School-, a school where international students learn to grow and evolve in the denim world.

TEJIDOS ROYO & Jeans school, support the development of future Denim professionals through the Innovation and Training Programme by ROYO, where ROYO offers scholarships to students and gives them all the means to create and develop their talent through what they know how to do best, a 100% denim collection.

Francis, Jean School’s latest student tells us her first-hand experience and tells us about the collection she designed "Genderless Denim Collection":


FRANCIS: Creating the 2LIFE collection in collaboration with TEJIDOS ROYO was incredible, a collection primarily based on sustainability, a major theme in the denim industry. As a student of Jean School, I keep in mind sustainability and how to apply this in clothing. I had the opportunity to discover fabrics that TEJIDOS ROYO creates from recycled jeans and the effort they put into this recycling process of clothing to, from there, make their denim fabrics.

We used the oriental style as inspiration and we tried to give it a unisex touch after verifying that the passage of time has made jeans, a unisex attire par excellence.

Society is changing, actually. Age, gender and sociocultural levels are not important anymore, now you have absolute freedom to choose what clothing you want to wear. Especially in a city like Amsterdam, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. 

It was a pleasure for me to be part of this company for 3 months, and to participate with TEJIDOS ROYO at the Denim fair, Kingpins Show in Amsterdam.


Thanks Francis