With a conceptual vision and an added value perspective, TEJIDOS ROYO presents its Denim fabric collection, characterized by innovation, design and technology.

12 Mayo, 2017



Stretchmax, unique in the market, extreme elasticity and minor shrinkage.

A fabric made of core-spun Lycra with T-400, that maintains a highly shaping performance and superior comfort. 

  • Minor Shrinkage: Unique in the market. Low and uniform shrinkage, which simplifies the making of a garment. Achieving great adaptability with maximum comfort.
  • High Elasticity: Stretchmax´s high elasticity fabrics stretch and retain while the company´s Dual-Core yarns keep up with the aesthetics.
  • Authentic Denim Look: Genuine denim. Unique elasticity. Freedom Movement. Keeping an authentic denim look after washing.
  • Super Stretch: Super Stretch creates freedom of motion and maximum performance thanks to Duo Core technology. The fabrics offer movement and ultimate comfort. Authentic Jean Look without sacrificing style.
  • Super Recovery: High elasticity yarns and fabrics with high recovery capabilities. Combining 2 filaments with different elastic properties as a core in a single Core Spun yarn.



The fabrics of the collection Hug are characterized by their great adaptability to the body. “They embrace each other” as a second skin to the silhouette of every woman, offering an extreme comfort and an effect control that reduces up to a size.

Hug collection combines immersive technology that gives the garment high elasticity and comfort.

  • Technologial Innovation: The 360º Stretch fabrics have been engineered by ROYO to amplify peak performance with a curve enhancing effect, keeping a perfect shape. Especially designed to take mobility to a new l
  • evel of intelligence for the modern women living a dynamic lifestyle.  Revolutionary technology for a maximum fitting and comfort. These fabrics are charactezised by a uniform shrinkage in warp 
    and weft allowing that  the garment making with this fabrics should be easier. With this new technology by ROYO, it allows to give elasticity in 3 dimensions: warp, weft and in diagonal. It should be recalled that in  a conventional fabric , the elasticity is just in the weft.
  • Maximum Comfort: This new technology Hug by ROYO 360º elasticity allows to make garments as a second skin. The result  is a  garment with extreme comfort and adaptability.
  • Perfect Fit: The special elasticity and comfort that offers this fabric, allows to design models who adapt to the figure of every woman, offering an effect control-reducer that obtains a moulded and perfect silhouette.
  • A Size Less: The revolutionary Hug stretch 360º of these fabrics, highlights the forms and guarantees an effect control that reduces up to a size under and helps to mould the figure.



Bleisure redefines classics, fusing tailoring with sporty features. It looks for the most comfortable elegance, a unique style for a new way of living. Bringing to life versatile fabrics with volume and 3D elasticity. A mix of casual styles with the most elegant, utilitarian and soft tailoring.

"When your way of dressing becomes a lifestyle"

New textile engineering process for 3 dimensional elasticity:

  • Versatile: Able to adapt easily from one activity to another and able to be used for many different purposes.
  • 3D elasticity: A fabric with three dimensional elasticity (length, width, and depth).
  • Drapery denim



New denim high performance fabric, characterized by offering a powerful thermal insulation. This fabric protects you against the adversities of weather: rain, wind, cold, 

etc, always maintaining its breathable properties.

"Creating a new way to understand denim" 

Maximum comfort, protection and fashion for outdoor activities:


  • Revolutionary Technology: Fabric created with the most advanced technology. As a result, we get a high performance fabric.
  • Waterproof: Resists up to 10.000 of water pressure. Water repellency level 6.
  • Breathability: Breathable up to 7.000 g/m2/24 hrs. Disperses body perspiration efficiently through a ultrathin breathable  hydrofillic lamination.
  • Thermal Insulation: Thermal layering keeps your body warm where you need it.
  • High Performance
  • Heat Resistant: Made out of high temperature resistant fibers.
  • Wind Breaker: Prevents the wind from penetrating.
  • Weather Protection: Fabric developed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.





Premium Denim since 1903. Heritage of traditional spinning and indigo dyeing to innovate Denim true blue spirit.

Our technology allows us to create pure denim, with high tech finishings providing the fabrics a vintage look in a special way with strong character.

  • New Technology for strong denim carácter.
  • Back to real denim heritatge.



Mesu Collection. Created with super fabric cutting-edge technology, is the result of combining megalast and suave.

  • Luxury fabrics
  • Extra soft
  • Fluid
  • Sustainable
  • Fit memory
  • Baggy free
  • Excellent recovery
  • Stretch performance
  • Slim effect



Meyalast Collection. Made of new yarn technology, improved elasticity and excellent recovery. It gives a sensation of comfort and perfect fit.

  • Fit memory
  • Baggy free
  • Excellent recovery
  • Stretch performance
  • Slim effect



PROJECT·R is the result of the commitment that TEJIDOS ROYO has acquired for many years, with its workers, with the Society and the Environment.

Under the concept PROJECT·R we present a collection of fabrics that is the visual interpretation of what is for TEJIDOS ROYO an attitude towards life: Responsible sustainable fabrics, represented in garments that respect the environment and are influenced by the latest trends in fashion.

This project includes 3 very characteristic lines: