*Tejidos Royo bets on new generations* Woo Park , a student from UAL: University of the Arts London, has presented a fantastic Menswear Collection created from Denim fabric sponsored by TEJIDOS ROYO.

12 Junio, 2017

He chosed to create the collection: our dark pure indigo yarn dyed, bleached down to soft light blue colors & the RECYCLED DENIM FABRICS _made from postconsumer garments, the visual interpretation of what is for TEJIDOS ROYO an attitude towards life:Responsible sustainable fabrics.

Jungwoo Park:"I am happy about the result of the fabrics. I have used different types of denims since the first year. I usually like thicker and stiff denims but after I made my collection, I felt that fabrics that I chose from Tejidos Royo it have a lot of movement, unlike the thicker Denim, Which I consider an advantage, a fabric quality that I had not used before".

The Woo Park collection inspiration: 
After a series of unlucky events, Woo Park started thinking about ways to protect himself. In an ever busier and complex life, the designer found himself attracted to the concept of religion and cult. He started mixing different religious symbols (Kibbo Kift, devil worship and freemason among others) with his own aesthetic, aiming to create a lucky protection garment. 
Playing with originality, the viewer feels attracted to the garment without realising why

Here you have the result, Simply brilliant!