*Tejidos Royo bets on new generations* Claire Cooper, a student from UAL: University of the Arts London, has presented a fantastic Menswear Collection created from Denim fabric sponsored by TEJIDOS ROYO

5 Junio, 2018

"What’s a nice kid like you doing in a place like this?"

This is the title that Claire Cooper has given to her fantastic Collection for Men. A collection which has been thought and created from zero, taking as a starting point the Denim fabrics from Tejidos Royo.

After trying different Denim fabrics for her collection and taking into consideration which was the perfect textile for the occasion, Claire finally decided to give pure Denim from our Rigid Authentic line an opportunity. This line is characterized by its high tech finishes which give the fabrics an authentic vintage look and a special character. This denim was made from the 7353 (less water) color, a very dark and sustainable indigo blue, which dyeing process is carried out with a minimum amount of water and chemical products.

Once decided the Denim that would give shape to his collection, Tejidos Royo supplied him with all the necessary fabric to be able to execute his work.


Claire Cooper tells us the inspiration on which her work is based:

"The initial inspiration for my collection was the spooky but humoristic video covers since the Blockbuster boom in the decade of the 80s till beginnings of the 90s. I was also inspired by the terror stories for children and the Television of this time. The collection is actually really personal and nostalgic for me, due to the obsession I had when I was young with the rarity of the stories and the fact that the children undertook their adventures and fought with monsters.

I found these images and felt that I could translate them into fashion by creating garments that consisted in overcoming the fears in a happy and funny way. From these inspiring images, I started to create ‘scary’  motives, also creating my own photographs of real animals and making compositions that could be found in film posters and video covers.

These images are translated into rge-scale embroideries with soft stitches and Swarovski details that are defined as “oversized” street clothing looks from the 90s with an approach of a punk and messy denim style."


This is the first time Claire has worked Denim fabric

"I wanted to learn more about how to work with Denim fabrics (this was my first experience sewing denim) and I created classic jackets and denim trousers with a high sizing and oversized look. Part of this concept was that my characters were fighting “monsters”, so this means my garments may be irregular and broken, partially frayed and with embroideries that sometimes crawl decoratively out of the body."


In addition, Claire Cooper, also spoke about us:

"Tejidos Royo, fabric manufacturar and supplier, has a fantastic relationship with Central Saint Martins and offered as a great support to provide me the denim for my collection. I could find exactly what I had in mind, a dark blue and rigid indigo denim that embodied the mood from the men of the 80s and 90s that I wanted to create.

I needed an ideal canvas for my idea, brilliant and thick embroideries and Tejidos Royo was able to offer me the perfect contrast."


The result is spectacular!! Congratulations