Tejidos Royo, promotes the profesional development of the young fashion talents.

5 Junio, 2017

Always believing in the new generations, TEJIDOS ROYO, has a collaboration commitment with St. Martins, the Londoner and prestigious school of Art and Design. Last year students have the opportunity of traveling abroad and working for a few days in a real textile company.

Mateo Velazsuez: “In Central Saint Martin’s I heard about the opportunity of receiving a sponsorship from Tejidos Royo and I really liked the idea of having the opportunity about working my collection in a textil factory. They offered me textile fabrics from which I chose the appropriate qualities for my collection.”

Is in Tejidos Royo where students present their projects of the end of their careers as students, a complete fashion Collection, characterized for five total looks, that after it, will present in their School Saint Martin’s.

This year, a future designer with a high perspective and strong personality who created his Collection SS18, using Denim Fabrics came to the Company Mateo Velasquez, provided by Tejidos Royo. The Collection is inspired in the 70s from Colombia, in the drug traffic culture and the social and political inequalities documented by the videographer Danny Lyon.

Due to the nature of his theme, Mateo named his Collection  “Club Tropicana” in the honor ofGeorge Michael.

The result is an Embroidery, Denim and Prints combination that transmit a lot of power and personality to this collection.


Mateo Velasquez: “It was an amazing experience, in fact, my favorite clothes from the whole collection are definitely the jeans produced by Tejidos Royo.”

“I’m not only extremely happy with the quality of their fabrics, I’ve also learned a ton about denim and all the possibilities that denim can offer like washing processes, treatments over the material, etc.”

In Tejidos Royo, we gave the chance to all the students of using all of those needed resources to give them the opportunity of creating and developing their talent through what they best do, innovate on fashion.

With no doubts, one of our primary goals is to support our future designers, in this creative and veering field, as is the fashion field.

Finally, this was the result of “Club Tropicana” by Mateo Velasquez.