A Tejidos Royo collection with highly shaping performance and superior comfort. A fabric made of core-spun Lycra with T-400, that maintains the authentic character. 

17 Marzo, 2017

Minor Shrinkage

Unique in the market. Low and uniform shrinkage, which simplifies the making of a garment. Achieving great adaptability with maximum comfort.

High Elasticity

Stretchmax´s high elasticity fabrics stretch and retain while the company´s Dual-Core yarns keep up with the aesthetics.

Authentic Denim Look

Genuine denim. Unique elasticity. Freedom Movement. Keeping an authentic denim look after washing.

Super Stretch

Super Stretch creates freedom of motion and maximum performance thanks to Duo Core technology. The fabrics offer movement and ultimate comfort. Authentic Jean Look without sacrificing style.

Super Recovery

High elasticity yarns and fabrics with high recovery capabilities. Combining 2 filaments with different elastic properties as a core in a single Core Spun yarn.

The Denim Trend clearly points towards an important growth of high elastic performance fabrics. With great recoveries and dimensional stabilities.

Dual-Core is our way to get the yarns which produce these high performance fabrics.