A development based on the Japanese concept that offers an irregular effect and open
construction in the fabric. Characterized by a volumne without weight.

13 Febrero, 2017

Nanami Collection, the new family of TEJIDOS ROYO, has been developed based on the less water concept. It is characterized by the use of color 413 which, besides helping to save water, gives the fabric a vintage look.

NANAMI, Japanese name whose meaning is: 7 seas, brings to this collection the essence we wanted to highlight; The importance of water and sustainability.

Japan, the country of water. The Japanese have a deep bond with the country's abundant water resources and have created an ecological culture in which water is not only wisely used but also used in very exceptional ways.

With our Japanese fabric, anew development under the concept "SAVE WATER, FILL SEAS" we minimizes the consumption of water. We revolutionize the production system. We reduce the different phases by applying various sustainable techniques that automatically reduce the water consumption.

In time of increasing water scarcity, we recognize that water is an essential raw material for agriculture and for many industries. The textile industry is considered as one of the main consumers of water. This is why we have to work in parallel to the growth of our business and our water needs if we want to continue to lead the future.

In Royo Textile, we think of R&D as a continuous improvement. We know that our decisions can make a difference for the environment, sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore, the saving of water, energy and the use of raw materials is part of our daily process.

In Denim, the main consumption of water, is associated to the Índigo Dye (COLOR 413 and finishing processes. Our development SAVE WATER, FILL SEAS reduces 85% the amount of water used in the process of 100% indigo dye.

In addition, thanks to the reduction of water treatment, we manage to minimize energy consumption by saving 80%.

In this way, optimizing the washing processes, keeping the lowest possible energy consumption and maximum respect for the environment, we get innovative fabrics thinking of everyone and everything.

By crossing style and sustainability we get fabric with a vintage look "SAVE WATER, FILL SEAS".