ROYOTEC, the technical fabrics division of Tejidos Royo, complies with the NFPA 2112 American regulation with its FR DENIM PRO line, Denim Work Protection

24 Mayo, 2018

Due to the different processes present in Industrial Works, workers are exposed to various risk factors which can cause occupational injuries. These risk at the workplace must be controlled.


The one protection element which is gaining presence at workplaces is the Operators Clothing or Uniform, which depending on multiple factors (design, manufacturing, levels of protection, etc), can protect the user agains specific risks while performing their daily work routines.


Royotec, the technical fabrics division of  Tejidos Royo's, developes Technical Fabrics intended for protection during work activities, sporting and leisure. “We are dedicated to the production and distribution of quality and innovative technical fabrics”.


The objective is to guarantee the protection of all users against different occupational hazards. This is achieved through the implementation of advanced production techniques together with the R&D team, a high knowledge of raw materials and the máximum guarantees in process and quality control.


NFPA 2112 is the last certification obtained by ROYOTEC.

NFPA 2112 establishes the minimum performance requirements and test methods for flame resistant fabrics and components, including design, manufacturing and certification requirements of protective clothing for use in work areas with sudden fire or electrocution risks. These areas require special equipment that brotects body against electic arcs.



ASTM D6413


Flame resistance flame (vertical test) Fabric and reflective striping utilized in the construction of flame-resistance garments shall have a char length of not more than 100 mm ( 4 in) and an afterflame of not more than 2 seconds, and shall not melt and drip.




Heat and thermal shrinkage resistance test.  Fabrics utilized in the construction of flame-resistance garments, excluding manufacturers’ labels, shall be individually tested for thermal shrinkage resistance and shall not shrink  more than 10% in any direction.


ASTM F 1930

Manikin Test. The garment fitted on a manikin with 100 sensors in stationary conditions must be tested against the exposure to flash fire for 3 seconds and the heat flux 84 KW /m² to provide predictions of skin burns.
The result of the average prediction of burns can not exceed 50%.

  • Number of test: 3
  • Pretreatment: 1 wash cycle as specified by the manufacturer
  • Exposure time: 3 seconds
  • Underwear: underpants of 170 g / m2 ± 5% made of 100% cotton and short-sleeved shirt of 140 g / m2 ± 5% made of 100% cotton.
  • Requirements: predicting total burns ≤ 50%


Thermal Protective Performance (TPP):  Shall be have a “spaced” TPP rating of not less    than 25 J/cm2 (6.0 cal/cm2) and a “contact” TPP rating of not less than 12,6 J/cm2 (3.0 cal/cm2)



FR DENIM PRO,  one of ROYOTEC´s Work Protection lines, complies with the highest international certificates and with American and European legislation, for various needs, among which is NFPA 2112. FR DENIM PRO is characterized by offering denim fabrics with broad multi-risk protection, which regulates the choice, use and maintenance of garments for heat protection against flash fire caused by arc welding.




  • NFPA 2112 American standard- industrial flash fire protection
  • NFPA70E American standard-  arc welding protection
  • ASTM F1959 ATPV
  • ASTM F506 Protection against flash fire and electric arc
  • EN ISO 11611 protección for welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 11612 protection against heat and flame
  • EN ISO 15797 industrial washing


FIBERS used for FR DENIM PRO manufacturing process:


  • NEXYLON ®: high performance PA66 fibers which are processed to high quality nonwovens and spun yarns. Important applications are technical textiles, flame-resistant protective clothing as well as work-wear and uniforms.
  • Teijinconex ®: is a meta-aramid that offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of protective textiles and other industrial applications, including hoses, filters and copy cleaners. Its unique chemical structure means that Teijinconex does not burn or melt, and so it cannot adhere to human skin.


In addition, our concern about environmental care has become part of our corporate culture, involving both production and administrative processes.

TEJIDOS ROYO maintains máximum respect for the ecosystem and is committed to the use of sustainable fibers (fibers which add value to thier technical component)


  • LENZING™ FR®: The heat protection fiber that offers protection from burns, heat stress, and heat stroke caused by flash fires, electric arcs, and other thermal hazards. Made from wood, a natural raw material, the fibers inherently protect from heat and flame.


Royotec brings excellence and creativity in design and manufacturing of its fabrics and guarantees maximum protection and confort for the user.