In TEJIDOS ROYO we are firmly committed to Our People, to the Society and the Environment 

- PROJECT·R - "Our commitment with the present to ensure the future"


24 Mayo, 2017

PROJECT·R is the result of the commitment that TEJIDOS ROYO has acquired for many years, with its workers, with the Society and the Environment.

360º sustainability is part of the DNA of TEJIDOS ROYO. Why? Because we believe in a better world and because we believe that we can help to achieve this by investing resources in three mainstays:

Social responsibility. We collaborate with José and Ana Royo Foundation to revert to society part of our benefits. How? Collaborating with non-profit organizations such as Caritas, Cancer Association and Asindown.

  • Global Compact: Thirteen years ago,TEJIDOS ROYO adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, in order to support and promote compliance with the Ten Principles that the Pact establishes, in the area of human and labor rights, environmental protection and The fight against corruption. Once again, aligned with our values, the company renews the commitment assumed then.


Environmental Responsibility. In TEJIDOS ROYO we place great emphasis on our environmental performance. Environmental Responsibility is much more than a recycling or energy conservation initiative. In TEJIDOS ROYO we consider all the ecological impacts that generate both production and operation of the company.

Therefore, we have the STEP Certificate that differentiates us from the companies that manufacture without control. The STEP certificate accredits 5 very important blocks:

  • Control and reduction of consumption
  • Control of chemical products
  • Reduction of the environmental impact against climate change (water, air and waste)
  • Safety and health of workers
  • Production of quality systems


We also detail the certificates that accredit our products and raw materials:

  • OEKO-TEX® 100: Ensures that products do not contain substances that are harmful to human health or to the environment.

  • Organic Cotton by ECOCERT: certifies organic cotton items and check that it not contains harmful substances such as pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • BCI (Better Cotton Initiative): responds to sustainable cotton production.



Responsibility towards Our People: Royo has projects that contribute to the economic development and improvement of the life quality of its employees and families as well as for suppliers, customers and society in general:

  • The health of our employees, is the most important. We improve the working conditions in terms of risk prevention, enhancing the continuous improvement.
  • Training and development in business.
  • Recognition of the efforts of employees with children.
  • Recognition of the efforts and loyalty of company workers.
  • Scholarships for young university students.

Under the concept PROJECT · R we present a collection of fabrics that is the visual interpretation of what is for TEJIDOS ROYO an attitude towards life: Responsible sustainable fabrics, represented in garments that respect the environment and are influenced by the latest trends in fashion.

This project includes 3 very characteristic lines:


These are some of the most significant cipher of the actions that PROJECT · R has carried out in the last 3 years:


  • Water Saving: Equivalent to the filling of 200 standard Olympic pools.
  • Contaminants not generated: Equivalent to tons produced by 55 habitants in 1 year.
  • Emission Savings: Equivalent to the compensation produced by 1.020 olive trees.
  • Energy Saving: Equivalent to the electrical consumption of 500 European homes (3MW).