TEJIDOS ROYO is one of the 100 success cases of Circular Economy in Europe.

15 Mayo, 2018

In the Circular Economy, the value of products, materials and resources is preserved as long as possible and the waste generation is minimized. This way, it contributes to improve the gap between the current scarcity of resources and the global growth of population and consumption.


The circular economy is the future of the textile industry


TEJIDOS ROYO has a strong commitment to sustainability and the implementation of a responsable economy, which helps to connect the unión between the creation of fabrics (the latest trend), and the proper management of resources.

Jose Royo"We implement processes of continuous improvement, we bet on new sustainable fibers, we take care of people and the environment. We project all our energy and resources to contribute to making a better world for future generations." "We have managed to reduce the environmental impact in the different areas and we continue working on our Sustainability Plan for the coming years."


The main Sustainable example of Tejidos Royo is their Recycled Denim Process, developed with Hilaturas FerreThe union of both companies supports the shift towards an efficient and traceable economy in the use of resources, through the recycled Denim line – An Upcycling Strategy of responsable product based on the use of pre/post-consumer textile waste.


For Tejidos Royo: "The Circular Economy is a business model managed through 4R´s (Reduce - Reuse – Recycle - Responsibility)".


The full Recycled Denim Collection, which includes fabrics containing more than 20% of Recycled yarns (cotton and polyester mainly), count with the International External Guaranty of Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This certification monitors the flow of materials throughout the full production chain, which helps to strengthen the credibility of all the products obtained at our Factory.

"We have the opportunity to reduce the consumption of natural resources and to guarantee an optimum fabric quality".

Recycled Denim Process



In the Recycled Denim Collection of Tejidos Royo, raw materials are neither created nor destroyed, they´re only transformed…


The raw material can have two dfferent recycled origins:

  • Pre-Consumer: Garments which are sent for Recycling without having had any contact with the consumer (unsold garmnets, outlet units).
  • Post-Consumer: Garments which are sent for Recycling once already used by the consumer (once already put into the market).


Tejidos Royo´s collection also includes Fabrics with sustainable Fibers; Lyocell, Recycled Cotton and Polyester, and Refibra fibers generated from cotton scraps and Wood.


The underlying idea is that Royo transforms the "linear flow" of materials (resources-product-waste) into a circular flow (resource-product-recycled resources). "Our products support the shift towards an efficient economy"



The production processes of recycled fabrics consume less water and energy – reducing CO2 emissions and generating less waste so the environmetal impact is lower.


Tejidos Royo gives a second life to used pants helping to reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills. According to the United Nations in 2025, the accumulated amount can reach 155 million tons. We acquire our responsibility to ensure that this does not happen.


Promoting the textile process which originates from recycled fibers, the company has achieved the following objectives in the last three years.



Being part of the 100 success cases of Circular Economy in Europe, will remain always as a Step Forward. Being aware of the current industry reality, is essential for the transformation towards a responsible, efficient and increasingly sustainable production.