TEJIDOS ROYO continues working intensively and investing resources in its 360º Sustainability Plan and Innovation for the next years.

25 Oct, 2017

The business development strategy has been committed for years by technological innovation in  industrial processes, product quality and sales internationalization,  integrating the sustainability variable in all the processes and decisions. 

Our trend is to ensure that technological innovation is present in all our industrial centers, taking as a priority the optimization and the increase of efficiency in our processes, as well as the reduction in the consumption of resources and have a positive impact on the environment. The focus for our new articles, implicitly involves the application of new fibers and international expansion, which means responding to market needs, in a global and sustainable way, to all our


Always mantained a total commitment to the Sustainability and Protection of Human Rights throughout the whole Value Chain, Tejidos Royo takes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as its own as the best path to sustainability.

As a result of our philosophy and commitment with the society and environment, our collections continue with this aim. 

*CO/SRCC (under our Social Responsibility Code of Conduct)


This way, We present our NewDenim fabric Collection, characterized by innovation, design and technology,  which results in differential fabrics with a high added value.

 As a novelty, the R & D team has developed new lines that complete this collection. 





New dimension of fabrics with 3D flexibility. BLEISURE redefines classics, fusing tailoring with sporty features. It looks for the most comfortable elegance, a unique style for a new way of living. Bringing to life versatile fabrics with volume and 3D elasticity. A mix of casual styles with the most elegant, utilitarian and soft tailoring. Versatile - 3D Elasticity - Drapery denim.





Authentic stretch & rigid: Premium Denim since 1903. streamlined vintage finishing water conscious *color 7353 (less water). Heritage of traditional spinning and indigo dyeing to innovate Denim true blue spirit. Our technology allows us to create pure denim, with high tech finishings providing the fabrics a vintage look in a special way with strong character. *New range of authentic rigid Denim/water conscious with the color 7353 (less water).






A development based on the Japanese concept that offers an irregular effect and open construction in the fabric. Characterized by a volumne without weight. water conscious *color 413 (waterless)





The fabrics of Hug collection are characterized by their great adaptability to the body. “They embrace each other” as a second skin to the silhouette of every woman, offering an extreme comfort and an effect control that reduces up to a size. Hug collection (360º stretch denim) combines immersive technology that gives the garment high elasticity and comfort. 





 New WHITE DENIM Line. Real white denim with optical white warp and raw weft. 


 In addition, 2LIFE, divided into three concepts:

The production processes of recycled fabrics and fibers consume less water and energy, less natural resources and generate less waste so that their environmental impact is less. When recycled fabrics can have the same quality as a new one we speak of "upcycling"



The new TENCEL™ fibers, are made from pulp that contains cotton scraps left over from cutting operations and wood. Worldwide, Lenzing is the first manufacturer to offer cellulose fibers featuring recycled material on a commercial scale. Reducing the need to extract additional raw materials from nature lowers the impact on natural resources. 



A revolutionary finish concept sustainable bright TENCEL™ fiber in a matte trendy look.



Our most sustainable Denim colors:

413 COLOR. Our textile machinery includes a new technology with Zero Waste Water. The goal is to create Denim fabrics that combine the Respect for the Environment & High Performance in the process.

We have authentic ecological character and our products too 



7353 COLOR. Incredibly strong . It has a very high intensity with the minimum consumption of chemicals and washing process is made more efficient. This color system reduces energy losses and energy use, increases color transfer and reduces the water consumption during all process . We see sustainability as a good challenge to improve and we are committed to it.

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