Respect for the Environment and Sustainability as a backdrop, arrives at El Corte Inglés, an event in which Tejidos Royo participates as speaker

15 Sept, 2017

Last September 14th took place the 5th Eco-meeting of El Corte Inglés. During the meeting, topics such as design and production compatible with the environment were addressed, emphasizing the good practices of Spanish companies and organizations that, through innovation and responsible management, allow us to move towards a Sustainable Model of Production.


Jose Royo, Sales Manager of Tejidos Royo, delved into the Circular Economy as a business model and in waste management through the 3R (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle). The underlying idea is that the current linear flow of materials (resources-product-waste) needs to be transformed into a circular flow (resource-product-recycled resources).

"We support the shift into an efficient economy in the use of resources"


Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifies that TEJIDOS ROYO makes recycled textiles. The standard includes all the supply chain and it’s based on the traceability of the materials, environmental aspects of the process, social responsibility and brand's labeling.

At Tejidos Royo we are Sustainable 360º. We are committed to the respect and protection of Human Rights and the environment throughout the value chain. That is why we consider that Environmental Responsibility is much more than a recycling or energy conservation initiative and we are aware of all ecological impacts that generates the production and operation of the company.

"We promote and encourage a Culture of responsible competitiveness based on Business Success, Social & Environmental Welfare"


"Lets Change the way we design"