Royo presents its new Denim Collection, created from leading-edge sustainable technologies.

02 Mayo, 2018

TEJIDOS ROYO continues to demonstrate its firm commitment to Sustainability and Innovation through this complete and varied Denim Collection, where it is possible to find from Pure Denim fabrics with vintage looks to fabrics with the highest elasticity in the market (above 50%)

However, the most peculiar aspect of this collection is COLOR. FW19/20 offers a wide range of high intensity and durability colors (Solid and Intact colors after several washes), created from a minimum water consumption (65% water savings in the process, 100% biodegradable). 

Find an explanation of the most innovative lines of our Winter Collection below:



“Authentic, for the real denim lovers“, premium Denim since 1903.

Heritage of traditional spinning and indigo dyeing to innovate Denim true blue spirit. Our technology allows us to create pure denim, with high tech finishings providing the fabrics a vintage look in a special way with strong character.


“High Elasticity concept. Unique in the market”

"Stretchmax Collection" main characteristics are 50% or plus elasticity & minor shrinkage. Highly shaping performance and superior comfort. Fabrics are made of core-spun Lycra with T-400.



“New authentic color”

High intensity and no-fade color. “Permanent Black” uses a new technology that allows to keep intense and saturated colors after several domestic washes.


“New ECO fabrics”

Refibra™ branded lyocell fibers as the solution for circular economy. Refibra™ fibers are reinventing TENCEL™ fibers. Refibra™ fibers are an exceptional innovation and quite probably the most sustainable fibers from natural raw materials.

The need for clothing will have doubled by the year 2025. 80% of the clothing we throw away ends up in landfills. An estimated 50 million tons of clothing are thrown away every year.

Refibra™ fibers, the new TENCEL™ fibers, are made from pulp that contains cotton scraps left over from cutting operations and wood. The fibers are produced in the lyocell production process. Worldwide, Lenzing is the first manufacturer to offer cellulose fibers featuring recycled material on a commercial scale and is a pioneer with this technology. Reducing the need to extract additional raw materials from nature lowers the impact on natural resources.


  1. Improve the strong fiber.
  2. Increase breathability.
  3. It is an improvement for the environment.
  4. Circular Economy Process = 0 waste.


“New ECO fabrics”

The production processes of recycled fabrics and fibers consume less water and energy, less natural resources and generate less waste so that their environmental impact is less.
When recycled fabrics have the same quality as a new one we speak of "upcycling".

Recycled is a family to continue our latest 2 life denim sustainable collections.
New launches as "Hackman" and "Blocker" to complete the range of items in this family.